58.mo cork film festival

edizione 2013


Cork 09  / 17 novembre 2013




di Darren HALL

> dirty wars di Rick Rowley

> don joy di Joseph Gordon Levitt

> moon man di SSchesch, SCWeber

> nothing bad can happen di Katrin Gebbe

> suspiria di Dario Argento

> the shadows di Colin Downey


moon man
di Stephen Schesch, Sarah Clara Weber
2012, 95'



This lively animated feature tells the story of the Man in the Moon hitching a ride to earth on the tail of a comet. Despite the often flat dialogue and somewhat uneven pacing, the films gentle humour and simple but charming animation means that there’s plenty for both children and adults alike to enjoy.

don Joy
di Joseph Gordon Levitt
Stati Uniti
2013, 90'




Joseph Gordon Levitt’s directorial debut is a witty examination of a Jersey Shore-esque womaniser whose pornography addiction threatens his newly formed relationship with stunner Barbara Sugarman. Levitt (who also wrote and stars in the film) has crafted a very funny and enjoyable film that touches on the increasing levels of sexualisation in media and the resulting effect on the male psyche. However, the film maintains a light tone throughout and one can’t help but feel that it would’ve benefitted from delving deeper into the more insidious aspects of the characters addiction.

the shadows
di Colin Downey
2013, 100'



Colin Downey’s The Shadows is a fairy tale about a young boy who stumbles upon a mysterious parallel world, where he is enlisted by two Shadow People to prevent a magical object from falling into the hands of an evil queen. The film suffers from an overabundance of clichés in its story and eschews character development in favour of long passages of dull exposition. While children might be engaged by the fantasy world evoked in the film, more mature viewers will most likely be left unimpressed by its glaring faults.

dirty wars
di Rick Rowley
Stati Uniti
2013, 87'



An informative and unsettling look at covert operations carried out by the US army in the war on terror. The film documents the attempts by journalist Jeremy Scahill to shed light on a series of raids and assassinations carried out by a secretive military group known as JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command). Dirty Wars delves into the murky realities of the ongoing war on terror and asks important questions about the morality and consequences of the US militarys methodology. While it often makes for uncomfortable viewing, Dirty Wars is a compelling and important account of a side to the war on terror that is rarely seen.

nothing bad can happen
di Katrin Gebbe
Germania 2013, 110'



Based on a true story, Nothing Bad Can Happen is a harrowing portrait of a fundamentalist Christian who gets taken in by an increasingly abusive family. The film effectively builds tension as the pranks inflicted upon the films protagonist Tore become progressively more sadistic, culminating in a brutal climax. The cast all put in strong performances, in particular Julian Feldmeier as the naive Tore. Overall, Nothing Bad Can Happen is an accomplished debut from director Katrin Gebbe that pulls no punches in its depiction of human cruelty.

di Dario Argento
Italia 1977, 92'



Although the violence in Dario Argento’s Suspiria may not be as shocking as it was in 1977, its tense atmosphere has rarely been rivalled. The midnight screening I attended had the volume turned up to emphasise its famously creepy score. This along with the surreal imagery and distinctive lighting makes the film rightly heralded as a classic of the horror genre.



cork film festival

09 / 17 novembre 2013