animateka 2013 edizione


Lubiana, 2-8 dicembre 2013



animateka 2013

di Lucija MRZLIJAK

Beginning on the first Monday in December, a week-long International animation film festival Animateka takes place in capital of Slovenia - Ljubljana. The festival annually hosts many authors and authorities in animation, both domestic and international. It focuses primarily on the latest production of East and Central European short films. It also includes a wide range of special programs, which offer the audiences an insight into the beginnings and the development of animation, and present them with a short overview of the best contemporary animations on a worldwide scale. This December 2013 Animateka was special as it celebrated its 10th anniversary so many visitors and film makers appeared came to celebrate the unique edition. Special focus was the early years of "Czech animated films before 1989" including the genius works of Jan Svankmajer and many brilliant unknown film makers. The jury members were: Vanja Andrijević, the producer and manager of Bonobostudio, a Croatian company focusing on production, distribution and promotion of animated and experimental films. Besides her, the films in competition were judged also by Theodore Ushev from Bulgaria, now settled in Montreal, where he acquired a reputation as a prolific and gifted animator. His films have won more than 80 awards so far. The third member of the jury is Chris Robinson, a very energetic animation, film, literature and sports writer and artistic director of the Ottawa International Animation Festival (OIAF). He is also the author of the screenplay for the award-winning animated documentary Lipsett Diaries, directed by Theodore Ushev. Jonathan Hodgson, an internationally renowned, BAFTA winning animation director based in London, is the 4th jury member. The 5th seat is occupied by Dennis Tupicoff, the renowned Austrailan writer, director, producer and also designer and animator. Both Hodgson and Tupicoff are also famous for their animated documentary films. Chosen by the jurry, the winner of the Grand Prix award is Italian artist Roberto Catani with his film Absent Minded (La Testa tra le Nuvole) "An exquisite collision of abrasive sounds and quietly disturbing imagery." Audience Award was given to slovenian puppet animator Spela Cadez and her film Boles. Best European student animated film Plug & Play by Michael Frei from Swithzerland.
Besides the awards, there are are also the special mentions: But Milk Is Important, Grønmo Bjørnsen, Anna Mantzaris (Volda University College/Anna Mantzaris) Dennis Tupicoff: Wind, Robert Löbel (Hamburg).
Animateka - a young film festival on the edge of Balcan aeria is a real pearl to discover. Many visitors gladly come back every year for its warm atmosphere, inspirational selection of animated shorts and to dance long hours into the night in good company. Thumbs up for Animateka!
30/ 30 (overall)



animateka 2013

Lubiana 2-8 dicembre 2013