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personal structures

collateral event

As part of the Collateral Events of the 55th International Art Exhibition, PERSONAL STRUCTURES presents a large combination of established artists and artists whose practice is less well known. Coming from different parts of the world and expressing themselves in divers ways, what they have in common is a dedication to the concepts Time - Space and Existence.
The exhibition is curated by Francesca Crudo, Sarah Gold, Carol Rolla and Valeria Romagnini. PERSONAL STRUCTURES is held at Venice’s prestigious Palazzo Bembo, which overlooks the Grand Canal and is located near the Rialto Bridge.
Each artist presents recent artworks, either site-specific, especially made for this exhibition, or coming directly from the artist’s studio. Some rooms at Palazzo Bembo will be entirely dedicated to the presentation of single artists, while others will host a combination of projects and works. Their strong statements give each of the rooms a very specific atmosphere. The exhibition features a broad variety of artistic media, such as: videos, sculptures, paintings, photos, installations with light and performance.
Since the participating artists originate from diverse cultures and are of very different age, Time - Space and Existence are highlighted from unusual points of view.
PERSONAL STRUCTURES therefore stimulates a more conscious relation from the spectator towards his daily surrounding and aims to increase the awareness of their own personal Existence as human beings within a specific Space and Time.

The following artists have been invited to be part of the exhibition:

Chul Hyun Ahn (KOR), Yoshitaka Amano (JPN), Alice Anderson (GBR), Jan-Erik Andersson (FIN), Axel Anklam (DEU), Yifat Bezalel (ISR), Hans Bischoffshausen (AUT), Djawid Borower (DEU), Faiza Butt (PAK), Mimmo Catania (ITA), Genia Chef (RUS), Chen Ping (CHN), Canal Cheong Jagerroos (CHN), Karlyn De Jongh (NLD), Scott Eady (NZL), Toshikatsu Endo (JPN), Carole Feuerman (USA), Cristiana Fioretti (ITA), Dale Frank (AUS), Chris Fraser (USA), Marc Fromm (DEU), Sally Gabori (AUS), Jakob Gasteiger (AUT), Darryn George (NZL), Selby Ginn (AUS), David Goldenberg (GBR), Gotthard Graubner (DEU), Kimberley Gundle (ZAF), Laura Gurton (USA), Patrick Hamilton (CHL), Anne Herzbluth (DEU), Per Hess (NOR), Hirofumi Isoya (JPN), Sam Jinks (AUS), Grzegorz Klatka (POL), Rori Knudtson (NOR), Mehdi-Georges Lahlou (FRA), James Lavadour (USA), Helmut Lemke (DEU), Luce (LVA), Heinz Mack (DEU), Michele Manzini (ITA), Christopher Martin (USA), Christian Megert (CHE), Herre Methorst (NLD), David Middlebrook (USA), Atelier Morales (CUB), Peter Simon Mühlhäußer (DEU), Hermann Nitsch (AUT), Yoko Ono (JPN), Roman Opalka (FRA), Otto Piene (DEU), Uli Pohl (DEU), Triny Prada (FRA), Qin Chong (CHN), Stefanus Rademeyer (ZAF), Nicola Rae (GBR), Arnulf Rainer (AUT), Bogdan Rata (ROU), Thomas Riess (AUT), Rene Rietmeyer (NLD), Yhonnie Scarce (AUS), Wilhelm Scherübl (AUT), Dmitry Shorin (RUS), Nitin Shroff (IND), The Icelandic Love Corporation (ISL), Monika Thiele (DEU), Michele Tombolini (ITA), Stefan Toth (CZE), Suh Jeong Min (KOR), VALIE EXPORT (AUT), Elena & Vitaliy Vasiliev (UKR), Ben Vautier (FRA), Raphael Vella (MLT), André Wagner (DEU), Xing Xin (CHN), Plamen Yordanov (BGR), Zhang Yu (CHN).

The exhibition PERSONAL STRUCTURES is part of an international art project, initiated in 2002 by the Dutch artist Rene Rietmeyer, who noticed that in different parts of the world, there are artists who reflect on the themes of Time, Space and Existence, thereby expressing themselves in a very personal way. This observation led to the idea of bringing several of these artists together in publications, exhibitions and symposia.

PERSONAL STRUCTURES Collateral Event at the 55th International Art Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia, will take place from 1 June to 24 November 2013. The exhibition is organized by the Global Art Affairs Foundation. The 350 pages catalogue, as well as a new 488 pages main publication about the project, PERSONAL STRUCTURES (2013), which contains the thought of several of the exhibiting artists, will be available during the exhibition period.
Palazzo Bembo, Riva del Carbon, San Marco 4785 - 30124 Venezia, Italia
Curators Francesca Crudo, Sarah Gold, Carol Rolla, Valeria Romagnini
DURATION 1 June–24 November 2013.
Open every day 10 am - 6 pm. Closed On Tuesdays. I I I

For more information and images, please contact the curators:
Sarah Gold: +39 349 088 9763 | Carol Rolla +39 328 606 6298 | |

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biennale arte 2013

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