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cultuRE mind BECOMING

collateral event

As part of the Collateral Events of the 55th International Art Exhibition, the Global Art Center Foundation (GACF) presents the exhibition “Culture•Mind•Becoming”. Through the works of several representative Chinese artists, “Culture•Mind•Becoming” aims to reflect on the impact, the appropriation and the reinvention on the Chinese culture, through the lens of the globalization. The artists featured in the exhibition come from various backgrounds, who have been more or less influenced by the Western culture at different points in their lives. Furthermore, living in a complicated society has inspired the artists to redefine and reinvent the common component of their earlier years – the Eastern cultural experience, which manifests itself through multifaceted, rich artistic presentations.

The GACF is a non-profit organization that aims to heighten the awareness about the more philosophical themes in contemporary art, in the hope to provide a supporting mechanism and platform for international artists, and for the audience, through organizing important exhibitions. The objective of the Foundation is to make itself the multi-cultural hub and meeting point for artists, artworks, and audiences worldwide. The Foundation also holds frequent academic forum and symposia, and further spread the knowledge through extensive publications to promote cross- cultural and interdisciplinary debate.
The GACF has been following the global art trends closely, particularly art trends in Asian region in recent years. In a furthered attempt to promote understanding of Eastern art, the GACF formed an official partnership with one of the prominent Chinese organizations in Asia – the Asia Art Center (AAC), in 2012.
Developing around the exhibition theme - “Culture•Mind•Becoming”, the Foundation invites three renowned independent curators to organize three sections: “Re-discover” by independent curator Karlyn De Jongh from the Netherlands, “Ingrandimento” curated by Chinese independent curators Huang Du and Yang Shinyi, and “Fang Lijun: A Cautionary Vision” organized by Italian curator Danilo Eccher, director of Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (GAM) at Turin, Italy. “Re- discover” and “Ingrandimento” will take place at Palazzo Mora, while “Fang Lijun: A Cautionary Vision” will take place at Palazzo Marcello.

In the first section “Re-discover”, the exhibiting artists belong to a generation that witnessed the transformation and the development of the Chinese art history. They are exposed to the Western culture, art, technology, media, material, and concepts, yet many have become conscious of an imperative to rediscover their own cultural roots as the deep nutritive sources for their authentic expressions. This stream of thought relies on continuous experimentation and freedom of expression.

The second section “Ingrandimento” attempts to express the contemporary Chinese aesthetic in its grandest variety.

The third section is “Fang Lijun – A Cautionary Vision”. Being a prominent representative of post ‘89
China New Art, Fang Lijun worked with other artists during this milieu in creating a unique mode of discourse – Cynical Realism. His works are imbued with Eastern metaphorical visuals: behind the childlike imagery the artist’s calm and balanced narrative analyses a cautionary vision in the reality of the world.

“Culture•Mind•Becoming” invites several Chinese artists who have made important contributions to the Chinese art history; it features inspiring creative works of Xu Bing, Cai Guoqiang, Zhang Huan, Fang Lijun, Li Chen, Yang Chihung, and more, offering every visitor of different cultural background a venue to explore the Eastern aesthetics.
Palazzo Mora, Cannaregio, 3659 – 30121 Venezia
Palazzo Marcello, San Marco, 3699 – 30124 Venezia
Curators Karlyn De Jongh, Huang Du, Danilo Eccher, Yang Shinyi
DURATION 1 June–24 November 2013.
Open every day 10 am - 6 pm. Closed On Tuesdays.

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